Introduction is a website where sellers with a reputable business presence, a shop, or a store, in a city, will post or offer eMailGifts of certain values. Buyers will select an eMailGift of their choice, from the website, and make a payment to the seller. The buyer can send the eMailGift to a friend/ relative by providing receiver’s address. Buyer can also send the eMailGift to himself. As soon as an eMailGift is purchased, an email or SMS notification with a unique code is sent to the seller, the buyer and the receiver. The receiver (beneficiary) can then go to the store/ shop/ business, present the message with the unique code that was received from and make purchases equal to the value given on the eMailGift.
eMailGifts can be purchased by following the steps given below;
  1. Go to and browse various eMailGifts posted by various sellers. It is advisable to register and login before starting to make any purchases.
  2. Type the category name, the brand name, and/ or the city name to search. Alternatively, you can use the filters (drop down fields) to refine your search.
  3. Every eMailGift is shown with the following information;
    1. Sellers Store Logo
    2. Brand Names offered by the Seller
    3. Name of the Seller and a link to seller’s profile, shop address, sales history and information of seller’s reputation with buyers and receivers (beneficiaries)
    4. The age group for the available products
    5. The appropriate gender for the available products
    6. The location (city/ country) of the store/ shop where the eMailGift can be used to make purchases
    7. The value of the eMailGift
    8. Number of eMailGifts available
  4. After deciding to buy an eMailGift, click on the desired checkbox. A notification showing “Added to Cart” will appear; and the shopping cart icon at the top will be updated with a number in red color. You can click on the floating icon for “View Cart” anytime to see the list of purchases made by you. You can also click on the icon for shopping cart at the top of the screen to see the details.
  5. You can also unlick the checkbox, if you want, to remove an eMailGift from the shopping cart. A message saying “Removed from Cart” will appear.
  6. You can verify the purchases made, make changes to the quantities, and update the shopping cart, as necessary. Click on the “Continue” button after verifying the number of eMailGifts and their prices.
  7. If you have not logged in yet, you will be asked to login first. Otherwise, under the list of purchased eMailGifts, you will see radio buttons for various options for making payments, e.g. with Paypal or Credit Cards etc. Choose a payment option and click on the “Continue” button.
  8. Provide the name of the receiver/ beneficiary and the email address of the receiver/ beneficiary. Click on “Checkout” button to go to the payment process.
  9. You will be directed to the third party/ the web page for making payments according to the payment method chosen by you. E.g. or You can visit the help sections of these websites, in case there is a problem for making payments.
  10. When the payment is successfully made, an email notification (SMS, depending on options chosen) will be sent back to you as an acknowledgement of the payment with a list of eMailGifts being purchased.
  11. An email notification (SMS, depending on options chosen) will be sent to the receiver/ beneficiary, informing them about the eMailGifts sent by you. A unique eMailGift code will be included.
  12. An email notification (SMS, depending on options chosen) will be sent to the seller, informing them to accept and allow purchases from the specified store for the amount mentioned in the eMailGift. The unique eMailGift code sent to the beneficiary will also be sent along with this notification to the seller.
Sellers can post eMailGifts so that buyers can purchase them and email them to Receivers. Sellers are described as follows;
1. Sellers must represent retail stores and shops with a physical location where buyers can walk in and buy products and/ or services.
2. Sellers must have a legal document from the local authority.
3. Seller must have a logo that represents their business.
Sellers can post eMailGifts as follows;

1. Sellers will register to as a seller by clicking on the link to LOGIN at the top of the home page.
2. Click on “Are you a Seller ?” at the bottom of the Buyer login screen.
3. If you have already registered as a seller, provide the seller login credentials, otherwise click on “Click here to create an account”
4. At the “Seller Registration Form” provide all the necessary details, especially the ones marked with a red asterisk (*).
5. An email will be sent to your primary email address for verification. Click on the activation link to verify your account. If the link does not work, please copy the entire URL into your browser, noting that it may run onto a second line.
6. You will be directed back to the website with a message saying, “Your Email Address is successfully verified! Please login to access your account”. Use the username and the password to login as a seller.
7. Click on the box on the left corner that says, “Drop Image Here to Upload, or click to select one”, to upload your company logo. Ensure that the file being uploaded is a JPEG or PNG file. Select the logo file wisely. You can change the logo file later whenever you like.
8. Click on the box at the bottom right corner that says, “Drop File Here to Upload, or click to select one”, to upload the file that shows your business as a legal entity with local authority.
9. Click on the link at the bottom that says, “Add Bank details” to provide information about your financial institution and account where you will receive monies.
10. Click on the button at the top that says, “Click for Admin Approval”, to start evaluation of your account by the Administrator. The button will change and say,” Status! Waiting for admin approval”. This message will vanish when your profile is approved. The Admin Approval might take a minimum of 24 hours.
11. Click on the Location icon, and then click on the add button to enter the location of your business. Ensure that your primary location matches with the address given on the registration document you uploaded. You may provide more than one locations, if you have more than one retail locations for your business.
12. Click on the Categories icon, and then click on the add button to select the Categories of your products and services. You may select more than one Categories if your business deals in more than one categories.
13. Click on the Brands icon, and then click on the add button to select the Brands of your products and services. You may also create a new/ custom Brand if the desired Brand is not found in the list.
14. Click on the Ages icon, and then click on the add button to select the Ages suitable for your products and services. You may select more than one Age groups if your business deals in more than one Age groups.
15. Click on the Genders icon, and then click on the add button to select the Gender of your products and services.
16. Click on the Commission icon, and then view various Promotion Packages you may to apply to your posts/ sales. You may also select “6 Months free” option with zero commission also. Selection of Promotion Package will be done while posting eMailGifts.
17. Only when all of the above parameters (Locations, categories, Brands, Ages, Genders) have been added, you will be able to post eMailGifts. Click on the Posts icon, and make your post by selecting the Value, Quantity and the Promotion Package.
18. Your posted eMailGifts are saved and show in the Sellers Portal but will not show on the website unless you click on the button that says, “Publish Status”.
19. After you have verified all the information you intend to post, Click on the button that says, “Publish Status”. You will view a summary of the eMailGifts to be posted. Click on the button that says “Publish” if you agree. You will see a message on the top saying, “Your posts have been published”.
20. Open to view your eMailGifts now available to the buyers.